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LOGO Design:

Here is some Freelance Logo design work I have done lately with Adobe illustrator, so everything is vector (note: Vector images can be scalable to any size, so logos are preferred in this format)...... These are mostly from work online, places like DesignHill, 99designs, etc.

I do all kinds of freelance Graphic design, posters, full programme design for a large event in Adobe InDesign, etc. Contact me directly if you need to discuss.

If you need any Freelance Graphic Design work (logo's, etc) done, very willing to do that too, please contact me.


The Fairview were upgrading from a Guesthouse to a hotel, so needed rebranding - a new logo... also did the new stationary suite for them:

fairview Hotel Stationary suite


Noeleens Beauty

Local Beauty Salon, Noeleens.


Browns Bar beer mat.

Beermat design for a local Castleisland Bar.


Poster for local Juvenile GAA club,  





Brief: Real estate company.


Brief: Life coaching, achieving goals.


Brief: (Legal) Marijuana Distribution Company in the US


2 different ones for a Music and Photography society called "The Collective Co".


Charity Org, wanted their logo to evoke image of "Knights of the Round table"



Farm service - raising calves, excavator hire and round bales - wanted a colourful emblem type logo.




Brief: Fun logo for team name within an Org.

Brief: Same company, fun logo for internal team in charge of testing solutions / backup

Brief: Country and Western singer


Brief: Traditional Farm, wanted the trad part emphasised... also wanted the picture logo style.

Brief: Translates as "My Section.com"

Brief: New clothing line YLI



Brief: Boudoir photography, wanted a slightly cheeky logo






Brief: Vector Image for large banner, wanted HELI and a forklift and Unitrack logos

Brief: EliteTuning, motor boat engine tuning.

Brief: Grey Havens Tattoo, wanted a typography type logo (not like a tattoo).

Brief: Berry Basketball, just wanted logo and no writing.



Brief: DJ entertainment, called "Mixology".


Brief: "Nail Station" was name but also do hair, spa's etc..

Brief: Fencing & Playground co. called "Thor", wanted a solid looking logo with some "Anvil" design.


Brief: Internet shop for unusual exotic gifts

Brief: Internet news company, wanted a subtle hint of 'Impact' and 'drop' to lettering


Brief: Dental Associates, wanted the tagline "Why Not Smile?"


Brief: Mississippi Animal Project, wanted the map, animals and compass.... so used the animals to make an 'M'

Brief: New Burger chain, 'Loco Burger'

Brief: New Coffee Co. that donates to "World Food Program" for every jar purchased

Brief: Food caravan called "3 Homies" with tagline "will fill your tummies"


Brief: Sneaker shop.... wanted the lion incorporated


Brief: B & B called little Frog wanted a 'natural looking' banner ad in earthy colours

Brief: Mascot based on logo for new branch of a software co.


Brief: New Indian meal delivery service, wanted their "nani" as part of logo


Brief: Veterinary service wanted the above quotes included in poster to illustrate difficulties their vets have.