Your Photos to Large Paintings....

If you want your painting already printed on a mounted canvass..... i.e. when it's stretched across a timber frame so it's all ready to just hang on a 'hook'...


We do this too, through various internet printing services (we can get them to deliver directly to you).... You choose the style of painting, and the photo to be used....

Easy to do.....

1. Choose your own photo

2. Now choose a 'style' you would like it to be painted in (see below)

3. Complete the checkout process, ordering whatever size canvass you want, etc.

4. Get us the photo, only need to do one of the following:

  • Email us with it
  • Upload it form here, we have submit forms throughout the site, just be sure to fill in the email field too so we can associate it with an order
  • Tag us on Facebook

5. Wait for our first attempt to arrive by email and either approve to print to Canvass or tell us what changes you want. 


You now have a customised masterpiece made from a photo you choose, painted in the style you choose, ready to hang where you want it!

 Browse the different styles you can choose:

Here are the different styles you can choose, click on the pic to see the full gallery:

Cartoons, just get me photos of the faces, can also add a background.

Or choose a classic Art style, of any photo you want.


Or choose one of our Van Gogh specialities:

Portrait, with background used by Van Gogh himself on self portraits

Send us a photo of any place you want (e.g. childhood home) and we will paint it with Van Goghs great "Starry Night" background

Van Gogh's Bedroom, just tell us what objects you want it it, things that identify the person the painting is for.... here is Niki Minaj's for example.